Download Pirate Cat for Free, Until 1st June

Download Pirate Cat for Free, Until 1st June

It’s always good to get freebies, especially those that are otherwise paid. Pirate Cat is one such game for Windows Phone devices that is available for free at present.

Pirate Cat is a new jump game that come with nice graphics and is a great time-pass game. The developer of this game is offering this game for free until June 1st, 2012, after which it will be a paid game.

The unique thing is, in today’s colorful era, this black and white game has not failed to catch the eye of one and all. Probably, it is designed for old cartoon lovers. The objective in the game is to take the pirate cat to the moon with the use of set of wings that are handmade. The more birds you shoot, the higher altitude you reach. The game is an altogether different concept and also offers trophies for gaining various achievements in the game.



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