Nokia Lumia 900 with 32GB shows up at O2 Germany

Nokia Lumia 900 with 32GB shows up at O2 Germany

Recent rumors had it that white Nokia Lumia’s 32 GB variant was seen at O2 Germany.

It is not yet confirmed whether that was an error or put on intentionally. But, there are a few factors that cannot be overlooked:
1. Earlier also, Germany has seen the launch of Windows Phone handsets with larger memory space than usual
2. O2 company was contacted by WMPU whether their customer service confirmed that 32 GB variant of white Nokia Lumia 900 is available with them. Moreover, they have a printed brochure that says the same.

If it’s true, it would be very nice. Though, usually, people hardly require more than 8 or 16 GB, let’s see how the response of this 32 GB variant comes.


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