People Search app Gets Update v1.2

People Search app Gets Update v1.2

The Gydar industries is updating the software for Nokia and this will be available for not only the new Nokia Lumia Widows Phones but also all other Windows Phones.

The update of people search application version 1.2 is now submitted to the market place for distribution, & the Gydar industry designers have announced on upcoming version 1.3, which should be at work very soon. The people search version 1.2 has been launched in the market with a 24 hour free trial version & a full running version. Anyone can have this application for just $0.99.

The creator of the application Ronny Gydar created the application with a purpose to make the online search really quick & easy for people. Through the application people search in the windows phones, the user can really have the simplest experience of finding contacts & calling them ever. This new application has updated features like a rich contact search engine which would be able people to use T9 dial pads instead off full QWERTY keyboard & thus they make the contact searching to complete more easily & faster than before.

The updated version 1.2 will have various upgraded features & improvement, which includes features like improved & upgraded search engine with addition of Cyrillic search characters. These new version will also have the facility to share contacts with QR tags. The upgraded version has an overall improved performance & appearance with various adjustments & tweaks. Such features have enabled the application to have a bit more zip; also the internal QR generator will make the sharing between windows phones, iPhone & Android phones easier.

One can also express the experience of using the application at Gydar’s blog. The Gydar’s blog & the application updates are also covering notifications about people search application, version 1.3.



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