Unique features of Nokia Lumia 900

Unique features of Nokia Lumia 900

New Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone, not only has some unique features but also it will make our life easier with easy information technological solutions. Its features have attracted the people so much that it has been named as the mini computer. The new Nokia Lumia 900 phone has been the most identifiable, innovative, smart looking phone launched in market at recent times. This new phone has the often-tangible fusion of high fashion & functionality. The new Nokia Lumia 900 also has been designed with a great amount of care in smallest details & craft of each part of the phone.

The Nokia Lumia 900 has polycarbonate uni-body molded speakers which enables a higher level of precision & also a higher level of density of the holes to have better sounds. The positioning of the headphone jack is also helpful for better talking & hearing experiences.

The Nokia Lumia 900 also has a smart glossy finish on the phones so that it gives a ceramic feel. The cover is made by premium plastics. The phone also has a seamlessly integrated camera lens that gives a smooth finish to the phone body. The phone also uses the micro-sim on the top of the phone & it is kept in way so that the antenna of the phone which is situated at the bottom; do not interfere with the performance of the phone. The most important thing is the phone has been designed in a way to keep all the smart options in a simple package. The phone is designed to have a simple & casual look.

The designers of new Nokia Lumia 900, considered the user friendly features at first while designing the phone. That is why when you will use the phone, you will have a great user friendly experience with lots of unique application & features.


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