Linq Connect Software Now For Windows Phone

Linq Connect Software Now For Windows Phone

Linq connect software will now be available & support Windows Phones. The software was long desired for Windows Phone users for its fast & easy to use ORM solutions. Those who desired for this software can have the great news that the software now also includes with options to support for Window Phone devices.

The recent version of Linq connect software which supports Windows Phone devices has been developed closely to the Microsoft LINQ & SQL technology with a supporting facility of SQL server, oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, & SQLite.

The software while being used in windows phones allows one to develop rich web & windows phone application that would also have true ORM support for database access. The Windows Phone devices which will use the software will make you enable to get the high performance of all Linq connect ORM features. The phones will have wide LINQ support, LINQ to SQL compatibility.

By using this software one can have the facility of features like compile-time, IntelliSense, IDE debugging mechanisms etc, when you build & taste your queries. The software would allow you to create truly connect server applications so that the device can work with data directly from your browser through the TCP/IP protocol, when n-tier architecture is objectionable.

The usage of the software in your windows phone devices will make you benefited by giving the facilities like removing the need of creating an additional data access layer. You will have no need of performance overhead for data serialization & deserialization. The usage of this software in your Windows Phone devices will also give you facilities to have lower network traffic.

The software which now supports your window phone has a free trial version available in the websites that will provide you with a whole set of features with a 30-day limitation. The software is also available in windows market place for purchase.


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