How Nokia Made Travelling Easier With Nokia Lumia Phones

How Nokia Made Travelling Easier With Nokia Lumia Phones

The new Windows Phone devices of Nokia have hit the market very recently. The new Windows Phone devices like Nokia Lumia 710 & Nokia Lumia 900 is heating up the everyday discussion of gadget market with new, identifying & innovative features.

The hottest feature for tour lovers featured in these new devices like Nokia Lumia 710 & Nokia Lumia 900 is that these devices have options of using facility in international areas. One can easily call or stay connected to face book while staying out of countries with their new Lumia devices. T-Mobile & AT&T, the respective carriers Lumia 710 and Lumia 900 both have options for those who go international. This post will outline both carriers’ options for going abroad to inform one before he or she heads out.

The T-Mobile customers have enabled their customers to use their phone virtually anywhere. The customers who are using Nokia Lumia 710 phones & are the customers of T-mobile will be able to use this phone internationally, as this phone is a tri-band GSM phone using the most popular 3G signals. T-mobile phone servers do not have any predetermined plans for international roaming. International roaming is the option which enables you to pay a fixed cost for allotment of a certain amounts of minutes, texts & megabytes of data. By using the new virtual & international user facility of T-Mobiles featuring in new Nokia Lumia 710 & Nokia Lumia 900 will able the customers to pay for what they are using. Thus it is giving you the facility to minimize the international calling costs.

The AT&T servers also have some great international calling plans starting from 1st June. They have some global plans like 120MB data for $30 or 800 MB for $120 in international plans.

So if you are packing your bags, & thinking about staying connected, new international plans with new Nokia Lumia phones are here with the solution.


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