Zombies, Run! to Come to Windows Phone, Soon!

Zombies, Run! to Come to Windows Phone, Soon!

After a successful response at the iOS platform for an year, the developers of Zombies, Run! have finally decided to release this interesting game on Windows Phone platform too.

The game was launched for iPhone earlier this year after a successful round on Kickstarter in the second half of last year. It is interesting to note that this is a crowd-funded game and has received quite a good response ever since its launch.

Many people had been waiting for this game to come on varied app stores, and it is finally happening. In fact, not just Windows, the developers are also giving it a thought to launch the game in Android Market as well.
When launched on iOS, the game costed a hefty price of $7.99; one of the most expensive games in the Apple Store. But the game still survived with its concept of running in real world and surviving.

Most probably, the app will be available at Windows Phone Marketplace by next month.



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