Lumia 610’s Camera Displaying Lumia 800’s Info?

Lumia 610’s Camera Displaying Lumia 800’s Info?

Now, this is one awkward mistake made by Nokia. The pictures clicked from Nokia Lumia 610 are actually displaying the camera name as Nokia 800 and wrong Exif Data.
Lumia 610 has an aperture of f/2.2, whereas it claims to be f/2.4. If we think about it, this could possibly be so because there are chances that Nokia Lumia 610 was supposed to get the same camera module as that of Nokia Lumia 800. But due to less effective processing angle, it was given a camera of relatively inferior quality than that of Lumia 800. Seems like the officials forgot to make changes in the info.

This error could be seen in almost all the images clicked from Lumia 610. To cross check it, download an image clicked from Lumia 610 onto your system and view it in Picasa to know the actual Exif info.



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