Nokia Climate Mission 3D Now Available for Lumia Users

Nokia Climate Mission 3D Now Available for Lumia Users

Last year, Nokia had launched the Nokia Climate Mission 3D game on Symbian platform. Now, they have made this educational game available for Lumia users as well.

The game is available for free on Windows Phone Marketplace. The game is about saving the world and completing missions. You get to select the country to play in through the map, out of which the first one would be Finland. You would be asked to navigate an ants’ army and direct them to bring back to the nest some pine needles. Upon completion of each level, you would be rewarded with some coins and ballot points. You can use these later on to unlock new levels and caste your vote for your most liked eco-project.

When you complete one mission and go to another country to start the next one, use the earned ballot points to find a WWF, IUCN and Oxfam logo that will provide you with the on-going projects in that part of the world.

This game is only available for Nokia Windows Phone users.


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