Lumia App #49: Le Rage

Lumia App #49: Le Rage

A new app has been launched for Windows Phones, named Le Rage that comes with a variety of funny rage comics. You get to browse through a large collection of latest as well as classic Le Rage comics.

You will probably have access to endless rage comics that are available over the web. Browse them, share them with your friends and laugh all day long.

The app’s features are as follows:
– Endless scrolling and swiping through pictures, where two or three or three thousand in one go.
– Share them on Facebook, Twitter, through email and text messaging.
– Option to hide or show the captions below every picture. While some comics do not need any caption and are self-explanatory, some require titles or punchlines to explain the joke.
– Access to the the latest as well as classic rage comics.

The app is available for free in the Windows Phone Marketplace.



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