Disassembling and Assembling Nokia Lumia 610 [Video]

Disassembling and Assembling Nokia Lumia 610 [Video]

The video shows how one can disassemble and re-assemble a Nokia Lumia 610. This could be quite convenient in cases of screen and case replacement of this Windows Phone.

The video shows a man that makes use of a few tools that one would need to undertake the disassembling and assembling process. First of all, you would require a T5 screw driver, a plastic knife and a fore-cep.
Remove the back panel, take out he battery and the micro sim card from the device. Use the T5 screwdriver to safely remove all the T5 screws from the phone. Use the plastic knife to remove the clips of the back cover of the phone. The points where clips are present are shown in the video. Again use the T5 screw driver to safely unplug and plug back the headphone socket and also the LED flash point. The speaker of the phone can be removed or replaced but it is one delicate task to do so as it can cause damage to it as well.
On the motherboard panel, there are clipped portions of display and digitizer that can be unplugged using the plastic knife. The same tool can be used to separate the motherboard from the screen.The location of secondary microphone and proximity sensor are shown in the video. In case you want to replace the screen or digitizer, take the screen panel in hand and remove the rubber gaskets before removing the digitizer.

To re-assemble, start by putting back the digitizer first and putting back the rubber gaskets. Follow this by putting back the screen/ display of the phone. Note that it is important to put these two things back very carefully as shown in the video, or else it may cause some hefty damage to the device. Put the motherboard back and carefully put the clips of display and digitizer back in place. Put back the volume buttons and other buttons on the side. This can be done using the fore-cep. This should be followed back putting back the back-cover and screwing it tightly.


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