How To: Jailbreak/Unlock or Downgrade your Nokia Lumia 710 [Video]

How To: Jailbreak/Unlock or Downgrade your Nokia Lumia 710 [Video]

For those who do not know, unlocking of a phone is done to get access to sim cards of all network providers rather than just one. And jailbreaking is done to customize and get access to all the paid apps in the Marketplace for free.
To get started, download the Nokia Care Suite Application Launcher and RM-803 part 1 and part 2 (links could be found in the video description). Now, open My Computer -> Program Files -> Nokia -> Nokia Care Suite -> Drivers. Now install WinUSB Driver 64. For 32-bit Windows users, install WinUSB Driver 86. Make sure your mobile phone isn’t connected with your computer while you install the driver.

Once you install the driver, go back to Program Files, view Hidden Files and Folders, and open the Program Data folder. Click on Nokia -> Packages -> Create New Folder and rename it as ‘Products’ and create another new folder in it with the name ‘RM-803’. Now drag the contents of ‘RM-803.part 1’ and ‘RM-803.part 2’ to the newly created ‘RM-803’ folder.

Now, go back to Program Files -> Nokia -> Nokia Care Suite -> Product Support Tool for store 5.0 -> ProductSupportToolForStore. When the software opens, make sure there is ‘no connectivity’ with the phone. The following steps should be: File -> Open Product -> select ‘RM-803 (Nokia Lumia 710) -> click Programming -> Recovery -> Start.

Pick up your Lumia 710 now, hold the ‘up’ button of the volume keys and connect it to the system through USB cable. Make sure your phone is switched off before connecting. After the USB Recovery process, disconnect the USB cable and switch on the phone. Your device has now been reset and you need to choose the basic settings of the phone again.

Once the phone is switched on and settings are adjusted accordingly, go the settings option in the phone -> About -> More info. You can now check the new firmer settings of the phone.

To perform an alternate test, switch off the phone and connect it with the computer again holding the up volume key. You can now check that your phone has been de-branded now the phone’s firmware has been downgraded from Nokia Reloaded to Qualcomm. The same process can also be used to unlock and jailbreak your Windows Phone Lumia 710.


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    i want to install android ics on my lumia 710 can i..???

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