Lumia App #51: Tile Memo

Lumia App #51: Tile Memo

As the life goes, our days become hastier and hastier. There are so many agendas that we need to do, so many tasks we need to accomplish, and so many events we need to attend. And as we are human, to forget one or two agenda is very possible to happen. Some may be able to be forgiven, but some others can be a fatal damage to your life.

Taking tone is proven to be an effective method to avoid forgetting an important thing or task that you have set as priorities. The problem is that sometimes we forget to bring the memos everywhere we go. If only we can easily make the memo on our phone that will remind us to any important thing. Now, wait a minute! You can do it, with Tile Memo on your Windows Phone.

Tile memo makes your note-taking easier. This application can be very useful to add, edit, save and to send your memo to anyone who may be related. Should you thing that there is a note that is important, you can pin it to the start screen on your phone. To make your individual memo easier to recognize and more comfortable to read, the front tile and back tile of the notes can be customized.

App price: free


One Response to Lumia App #51: Tile Memo

  1. Michele McClure says:

    Please help me! My phone asked me to do the automatic update, and so I clicked okay. It took 40 minutes, and upon finishing “Tile Memo” gives me a Problem Report and does not open anything. All they were were lists of things, but they were my lifeline.
    How can I recup these lists? What happened to my phone?
    Thank you for responding at the soonest

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