Nokia Lumia 900 – Impressive Macro Photos

Nokia Lumia 900 – Impressive Macro Photos

Here are some helpful tips of how you can get impressive macro photos with the Lumia 900. One day, I walked among the street and stopped near the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, just to take a look inside and get in touch with the world of science and industry (must keep on top of these things). Now, we I got on the first floor of the museum, there was a very large city model, representing the downtown of Chicago, complete from the sears towers, to the El train and finally yo the little pedestrians in the street. The work was handmade and was immaculately painted and crafted onto a huge exhibit. So, I wanted to test my new Nokia Lumia 900 and I took a couple pictures just to get them in my archive, then when I took a look at the pictures, I noticed that the Lumia 900 took really good macro photos compared to its predecessor, the Lumia 800, which left me a very bad impression about the quality of the macro photos, even if I was using the best programs to make them more clear. So, with the Lumia 900, I took some excellent close up photos as well as some very impressive video capturing, even if the lighting was at least optimal.

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