Application Design Comparison: iOS versus Windows Phone

Application Design Comparison: iOS versus Windows Phone

In my opinion, the application design has a more important for me as user, than its functioning, as we see that many of the programs doesn’t work as it should or doesn’t fit your expectations. So, among other users, I prefer much more the look, the shape of the programs design than the others who prefer its function, so this is a solid reason for why most of us like the Windows Phone instead of other operating systems. So, let’s see the difference between the 2 phones: now, iOS was built on the idea of unique model, shapes, system, while it has the setting /share/edit bar on the top of the screen, which is kind of boring. Well, in all this time, the Windows Phone has another interface for the menu, so that it is popping up from the bottom, it is giving you as the user flexibility to use the devices, to move them, to change the icons and as well as you can add other buttons where you want, so it has a big range of possibilities.

Now, after all these, what is you favorite application design: the one from the iOS or the one from the Lumia 710?


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