How To: Take Screenshot on Nokia Lumia phones

How To: Take Screenshot on Nokia Lumia phones

At the 2011 World Mobile Congress, Windows Phone 7 got a bump up with tons of new features with Mango, the codename for Windows 7.5. With 500 new features, one of the few points in which Windows Phone 7.5 lags behind when compared to iOS and Android is in-built screenshot taking ability. Apple’s iOS has had it since the very beginning of the iPhone and Android acquired it natively with Ice Cream Sandwich, before which users could take screenshots only if they rooted their phones.

Fortunately for Lumia users, an XDA developer has come out with a potent solution in the form of an app called Screen Capturer, which allows the users to use the hardware camera button to take screenshots of the display.

Here’s how to get the Screen Captured app on your Lumia:

1)  Firstly, you’d need to “Developer Unlock” your Lumia. This can be done directly through Microsoft for $99 or by getting an App Hub account which allows the sideloading of up to three applications.

2)  To get the application, you just need to download Screen Capturer v3 from xda-developers.com, the official website of the XDA developers.

3)  To install the app on the phone, you need to use the deployment tool from the Windows SDK. Just use the search in the Start Menu and type in the name of the application.

4)  Once the application is installed, all you need to do is click on “Start Capture Task” to start taking screenshots.

5)  With the application running in the background, navigate your phone to any other application (Note : The app is still incompatible with games and videos)

6)  When you’ve reached your desired screen, use the hardware camera button to take the screenshot.

7)  Your screenshots will be saved in the Pictures Hub in standard JPEG format. You can access them on a PC by connecting the phone and downloading the pictures using the Zune software.

30 Responses to How To: Take Screenshot on Nokia Lumia phones

  1. matt says:

    Gods sake… These phone are so limited compared to iPhones and androids… You seriously have to go through all that? …-.-

  2. jada says:

    I feel betrayed by Microsoft. -.-

  3. Rizwan says:

    Seriously.. Hopeless.. I mean no screenshots… Wat kind of phone Nokia is manufacturing with all limitations

  4. tim says:

    I have to do that to take a bloody screenshot?! I hated this phone after a week and keep managing to find new things that make me hate it even more! Thanks for treating the consumers like jerks, Microsoft

  5. ana says:

    Are you serious I hate this phone with a passion i can’t even download vine or instagram if u guys want people to buy more of these crapy ass phones at least make them better damn…

  6. shauna says:

    That is crap I could go out and just buy an iPhone that comes with it all instead of paying all that money then going to all the trouble to that do the people that invented this phone not relies there is a very limated amount of things you can do
    You can’t send or recieve pics
    You can’t get apps unless your over 18
    you have to sign your phone up onto the computer

    You can send texts – but all phones can do that !
    You can call people -so can every other phones
    You can go on internet -all advanced phones can do that

    Maybe I’ll just get an iPhone or something that isint a Nokia lumia

    your going to loose customers soon get it sorted NOW !!

  7. Res says:

    Easier and built-in method in any windows phone including Lumias is pressing volume down key while pressing the windows button. Screenshot will be saved in the saved pictures album.

  8. Res says:

    My mistake, on tablets it’s volume down and windows key, on phones it’s lock screen button and windows key simultaneously.

  9. sarath says:

    Nokia lumia 710 what a stupid phone… I feel shame on u nokia and microsoft….. i wasted my 16k

  10. kamira says:

    Its so disappointing.cant put ringtones of my choice.no screenshoots,,,,,i regret y i ever bought it

  11. Lewis says:

    Thanks Res, apparently it has been changed again on 8.1. It’s now the lock button + volume up. Luckily there was a prompt telling it had been changed when I pressed windows/lock screen.

  12. Julian says:

    Thanks res works a treat, but why is that not common knowledge?
    like alot of the comments i am disappointed every day by the wp8/ lumias limitations. Good camera and battery though!!!

  13. shalu says:

    Press power button with the middle tft button(I.e. Windows home button in the bottom of the phone)

  14. hayley says:

    Thanks res

  15. Nub says:

    Or you can just simply press the power button and the upward Volume button at the Same time if you have one of the updated Lumia phones,give it a try because it worked for me

  16. john says:

    Non of the above works on lumia 900 for screenshots so sick of this phone,proper hacked off.Only leads to the main screen again and again.

  17. nakisha williams says:

    I feel like I step into the stone age with this Nokia Lumia it does not have any of the features. I thought. It had and to not have a avreenshoot takes the cake in definitely disappoint in this phone

  18. Laura blackmore says:

    If you hold the power up button and the power button it works!

  19. sasha says:

    This is a lie. To screenshot on a Nokia Lumia 635, all you have to go is hold the power off button and both volume up buttons at the same time! Its that simole

  20. nikki says:

    Vol up + screen lock worked for me on my lumina 530.

  21. Herson says:


  22. caetana meneses says:

    and for thos whose lock button doesn’t work??

  23. nitin says:

    Very bad decision to move on to Nokia leaving iPhones and Android option. Very limited phones

  24. jess says:

    To take a screenshot on Lumia 735 you press the on button and volume up at the same time

  25. jennifer says:

    Rlly microsoft?!F-you -.- i just need a screenshot. Thats it im buying a new phone because microsoft sucks. Never again getting a nokia. -.-

  26. chris says:

    This phone totally is for the birds. Can’t do s**t with it!!!

  27. katie says:

    Volume up and power button guys

  28. Toni says:


  29. talaina says:

    Bit dissapointed also with the app what is up with that

  30. stacy says:

    I love my Nokia Lumia 930! Changed from an iphone 5s.. It was the best decision I made!! Granted there is some limitations when it comes to the apps but on the other hand all the apps I use are on here and considering the fact i work full time I hardly get time to use the apps!! To screen shot on the 930 you hold the lock key and volume up key together SIMPLES!! The camera is ace and I can get camera happy!!

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