Microsoft Introduces Windows Phone 8!

Microsoft Introduces Windows Phone 8!

And finally, after a long wait, Microsoft has officially taken off the wraps off Apollo. It is just known as Windows Phone 8 now. They announced a bit of reasons as to why should one shift onto this new OS and some of the hardware support on offer.

This is the told hardware allowances: up to 64 multi-core processors and a better WXVGA display of resolution 1280 x 768 along with additional storage space on SD. With a better hardware configuration, users will now be able to experience an altogether new and faster gaming and app experience. These are going to run on a kernel that will combine with Windows 8 and Windows RT.

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Over, it can be said that it has been a great attempt by Microsoft to get one single platform running on desktops, laptops, tablets and now phones as well. One can easily port apps from one device to the other and also, the “never seen before” promising games are also going to be running on this new Windows Phone 8 platform.

In addition to all these, Microsoft also talked about a new wallet functionality that could be developed through NFC support, however reliant only on an augmented SIM, and not on the hardware present in the phone. In other words, the network providers would not be able to get rid of the apps, as seen with Google Wallet earlier. However, they can still block the support. And the best added feature is the in-built Nokia maps, along with offline map support.

This is great step taken ahead by Microsoft. They have promised security and support that will be enterprise-ready, thereby allowing admins to restrict their apps on specific phones used for corporate-purpose and undertake remote management for them. Also, there is integration of secure booting and encryption.

Windows Phone 8 platform is all set to be released this fall, just the time when Windows 8 will be up for shipping too.


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