Integrated Enterprise Features with Windows Phone 8

Integrated Enterprise Features with Windows Phone 8

At the Windows Phone Summit held today, Microsoft made an announcement that the Windows Phone 8, the next-gen OS, will be integrated with enterprise features, such as shared Windows core with a trusted source, encryption, secure boot and also, IT management of the device.

The Vice-President of the Company, Joe Belfiore, could find out that there were quite many corporate-users that were not happy with the previous set of enterprise features provided with the earlier operating system. Seems like they took it seriously and had a prime focus on them this time while developing Windows Phone 8.

the device security support will be provided by BitLocker Drive Encryption. With IT device management, the IT admins will be able to put the apps in handsets while sidelining the Marketplace at the same time. The presence of Microsoft Office will be greater in WP 8, though there is no idea at present as to how will this thing play out.

Surely, enterprise features were never the primary aim of Microsoft before, but they are surely on target this time.


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