Windows Phone 8 to Have a New Start Screen

Windows Phone 8 to Have a New Start Screen

In today’s Windows Phone Summit, Microsoft introduced the new start screen that Windows Phone 8 is going to have. There are three noticeable features that the new start screen would have:
1. Different sizes of tiles, which the user can customize to small, medium and ‘double-wide’
2. The ‘gutter’ or ‘the gap’ has now been removed. For those who don’t know what it was, thie was the off-centered space present on the right-hand site of the screen in the Start menu. The gap was carried-over from the Zune thing. Now, the Tiles on the Start screen will be distributed evenly.
3. The Tiles are now in new colors. The traditional 10+1 Accent color model that was present in Windows Phone devices for over two years will not be seen anymore. Window Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.8 will now have a wide range of colors to select from for the Tiles.

All-in-all, there will be a whole new personal experience with the new Start screen of windows Phone 8. More customization, better choice and control are some of the features that complement WP 8. Though, it cannot be compared with the Windows 8 used on desktops, but it has surely come quite close to matching its features.

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