Windows Phone 8 to Have Internet Explorer 10

Windows Phone 8 to Have Internet Explorer 10

Instead of getting a brand new web browser for their latest mobile operating system, Microsoft preferred to introduce Internet Explorer 10 for Windows Phone devices, and the move is being highly appreciated.

The latest version of Internet Explorer looks greatly upgraded and much better than its previous version that came along with Mango. In fact, it looks quite similar to that of the desktop version.

To talk about the newest features added, there is the SmartScreen anti-phishing filter that comes ported for the mobile arena now. In addition, there is the new and improved Javascript performance along with doubled performance of HTML5, compared to that present in Windows Phone 7.5. In fact, the most important addition has been the touch support for HTML5 apps, which is a great help for users of touch-screen phones.

Clearly, Microsoft has taken a big step forward to close the gap between mobile-browser and desktop-browser.



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