Windows Phone 8 to have “Shared Windows Core” with Windows 8

Windows Phone 8 to have “Shared Windows Core” with Windows 8

In its Windows Phone Summit yesterday, Microsoft announced that Windows Phone 8 operating system and Windows 8 share a lot of codes. WP8 will borrow quite many of its code base from Windows 8. And that also includes the kernel.

In fact, the ‘Shared Windows Core’ will not just be limited to the kernel. It will also be extended to the file system, security infrastructure, etc. This will be a great benefit for WP 8 users, thereby creating a coherent ecosystem. This means that the apps and drivers created by developers would be transferable to the tablet, desktop as well as phone. The substantial codes shared, thus brings the mobile web browser IE at par with its desktop version.

All this has been made possible with the help of C and C++ libraries, components of Direct X and also, SQLite support, using which develops can easily move the developed apps from one platform to the other just by tweaking a few codes. The only major difference present would be the screen size and resolution. You can’t compare a 4-inch screen having 720p display in a phone with a 1080p display on a 10-inch screen of a tablet. But, the Direct X graphics engine is the same, that can make all the difference.



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