Apple iPad vs Nokia N900 – N900 is way better


For a long time world was awaiting device between mobile phone and a laptop. And finally couple days ago Apple announced that device – The iPad. Is iPad device between mobile and computer? That is something you must decide. All we know is that Nokia N900 is pocketable mobile computer and can run flash. ;)

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6 Responses to Apple iPad vs Nokia N900 – N900 is way better

  1. zaffe says:

    hahahahahaa so funny xD

  2. dynomot says:

    Not strictly true for GPS, and we N900 users are still waiting for turn by turn navigation. But I had to chuckle.

    Eight of ten isn’t bad.

  3. sap4001 says:

    the funniest review/comparison iv ever seen.lol.think he was high when he did this.:D:D

  4. Eske Rahn says:

    Funny!! *LOL*

    But strictly speaking it isn’t 10 reasons. It’s ten points…
    I’m sure iBad have its points also. The larger screen is an obvious one.

    I don’t think it really make much sense saying which one is the best. it depends on your needs. Personally I would also prefer the N900.

    Maybe it would be more realistic to see it as an alternative to Kindle?

  5. Nereida Laderman says:

    Rumor has it that Apple will loosen up its iron-fisted rule for the iPad-app store. Clearly, it must do so. Is it just a rumor or is it true?

  6. Rina Darwin says:

    N900 is a phenomenon which is away ahead of Apple products. It is truly a mini-computer: multi-tasking, being able to watch videos, really fast and responsive and a great camera. What more can one want on the move? I am just very surprised that why people are not realising how Apple products are no way close to N900.

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