Lumia Game #51: Toy Xylophone

Lumia Game #51: Toy Xylophone

The Toy Xylophone application was specially released for children’s amusement and also simulates a xylophone, but not a real one, because it is a toy. This application brings you a multicolored xylophone, made from wood as it seems from the video and with the possibility of multitasking (you can touch up to four keys at a time, so for Lumia 900 with its huge display won’t be such a big challenge).

Also, the application has a mode that lets you enjoy a song of the xylophone, option included automatically in this app, so that you can teach how to “play” at this instrument, by tapping the display to reproduce the sounds. Also, you can change its tempo, by making it slower or faster, as you or other user wishes.

Now, there are tips that will allow you to learn to play this instrument, so that you can learn its function, even if the application has to wait for you to tap the right key, before you are going to reach the next one, as many other applications do.

App price: Free


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