Nokia “Camera Extras” Update coming soon to all Lumia phones

Nokia “Camera Extras” Update coming soon to all Lumia phones

With the Nokia Lumia, you get now much more clear photos than ever, because the camera options have now burst mode, self timer, panoramas and of course it can modify someone’s expression, while it is keeping the others intact. The application of the main camera is the same as the ones from the usual phones, but since this phone is integrated with Windows Phone, is should have a separate application from the phones one, to satisfy the user with its greatest capturing.

The cameras extra option is going to be integrated with the main application of the phone’s camera, so that the users won’t be needed to install another application for their camera, because the brand will suffer a big decay, as it has a great fame all over the world. This would happen in the nearly future or with the launch of the new models. Some people will say that those from Nokia are just copying software from others manufacturers. Is it true? Well, yesterday, I read on a blog that Nokia is copying Blackberry applications, even its camera. Now, in my opinion, Nokia’s camera is much better from any point of view than the one from Blackberry.


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