Lumia Game #52: Crazy Bike

Lumia Game #52: Crazy Bike

GB MotorBike Race is a challenging racing game for those who love to challenge their racing skill. Of course, like other bike racing games, your task is to get to the finish before the time limit. Every best time you score will be saved. However, don’t ever think that the task will be so easy. There are many people who do not like to see you reaching the finish line, moreover, with a good time record. The reason is simple; they are betting serious money for your lost! And now, it is your turn to shut them up and be the best.

As the attempt of the people to make you lose, they will plant some obstacles and traps on the road that you will pass. Therefore, do not be surprised if there will be some bomb explosions or dodging bullets during your race. Perhaps you can pass all those traps safe and sound, but you must also be aware of many vehicles that stand in your way. Muscule cars, speed cars, monster trucks, armored cars, heavy trucks, and rat bubbies are what you will face out there.

There are some places you can choose to race; inner city, forest close to a lake, campaign, and in an industrial ground. So, do you dare to race?

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