Top 5 Nokia Lumia Applications When Traveling

Top 5 Nokia Lumia Applications When Traveling

Today, I searched for the best rated traveling apps on WP Marketplace and I can recommend you these apps as they provide all details and information when you are traveling.

WeatherBug is the first of them, because it helps us to find out the weather forecast, so you should take a look after this application at the marketplace and make sure you get the latest version of it, in case you want a forecast as closer as the one that you noticed outside.

The second one is the TripAdvisor, which provides you lots of information about the places that you could visit in the near by of your zone. You could use it to see how good it is.

The third one is called Nokia Transport Beta and it is very useful in case you want to leave your car and use the public transportation. The application uses GPS and lets the user know all the possible ways to get in a place using train, bus, taxi and so on.

The fourth one is the XE Currency, which is not so important if you travel in a country where you won’t convert money. If you are traveling to Europe for example, it is really handy and very useful to have this application on your hand.

And the last but not least, the fifth application is the Skyscanner. It helps you to find the lowest price for the airfare tickets, if you are a person with has a budget to spend, so for those kind of persons, this application is very important, as it helps to save a lot of money.

All of there apps are available at WP Marketplace.


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