Nokia Camera Extras Now Out in Marketplace

Nokia Camera Extras Now Out in Marketplace

Nokia had promised to release quite many exclusive apps for Windows Phone platform on Lumia devices. And this app is one of them.

Nokia released Camera Extras app for WP users that has the following features:
-Smart Group Shot: Convenient to click group photographs in one go by making a choice of the best faces through the burst shot

– Action Shot: Used for clicking fast-moving objects in just one click along with better clicking speed

– Panorama: Helpful to click great panorama pictures by finding the view within the sequence

– Self Timer: Set up a specific timer and get in front of your Lumia phone to click your own pictures

Among these, we found the burst shot feature the most interesting. So often does it happen that a photo is spoiled just because a person moves at the last moment, or closes the eyes or blinks. Now, you won’t face the same problem again.

Currently, the app is only available for download in the US and China Marketplace. We would notify you once the app is available for more countries.



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