Know Your Nokia Lumia 710

Know Your Nokia Lumia 710

Lumia 710 is the latest smart phone that has launched by Nokia. After Nokia Lumia 800, this particular handset is a big buzz in the smart phone market. Lumia 710 has a got an average looks with polycarbonate design. The phone does not have any metal finish.  Replaceable and colorful battery covers have been given in the handset.

The company has given 3 basic keys on the phone which include the search, home and back button. Lumia 710 handset has got round edges which help to distinguish from Nokia 800 looking apparently. The key with which the camera can be controlled is bit small and the volume buttons are very stiff. The smart phones especially the Android phones usually come with a typical glossy finish but Nokia did not use this particular finish in Lumia 710. The handset comes with a matte finish plastic that gives an aristocrat looks to the model.

Nokia has used the same hardware that the company generally uses in the high end smart phone models. Nokia Lumia 710 has got 1.4 Ghz processor with 205 Adreno GPU and 512 RAM. But the company has reduced the inbuilt memory and made the capacity from 16 GB to 8 GB. This memory support may seem to be a big problem to users who stuffs their phones with much music, videos and other applications. Like most of the windows phones this particular also does not have the option of expanding the phone memory by inserting an external memory disk. So the user has to restrict their stuffs within 8GB of memory space. The company has given with a back camera to the model that is Lumia 710 does not have any front camera. At present there is not problem with back camera. When the skype will get to work in windows 7 phone platforms then the user will have to face problem in using the particular feature. The camera has got a resolution 5megapixels and videos can bee shot at 720p resolution. One can also easily click photo in low light condition as the set has got a LED flash.

Moreover Nokia Lumia 710 can be called a very fast operating phone. But in the beginning an user may have some problem in using the phone as the operating system is bit confusing. in the particular phone certain features as got very less option. For example if you got to adjust the brightness setting of the phone, you will find that there are only 3 options: low, medium and high. If you select the low version you will that the light is too dimmed where as medium and high makes the brightness of the phone very high. So, the feature restricts an individual from adjusting the brightness according to his or her own wish.

Multitasking can be done in Lumia 710. But when a comparison is made between this particular model with android models, then it is seen that multitasking is much easier and faster in the latter models than the former. But over all the Nokia Lumia 710 can be referred as a good smart phone with windows phone 7 platforms.



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