Nokia Lumia 900 Camera Tips & Tricks

Nokia Lumia 900 Camera Tips & Tricks

Lumia 900 is said to be an excellent product launch by Nokia. The product has been given 8 mega pixel cameras that has got Carl Zeiss lens. The camera of the phone has got a special feature that is the low light aperture feature. This particular low light friendly aperture allows an individual to take good quality snaps in very dark condition. When a review was taken from a professional photographer, he said that Nokia has given all the essential features that a good camera must have. But that does not mean that one can always take good pictures by just clicking the shutter button. To take good pictures of the respective subjects an individual must follow certain steps.

The individual must set the camera angle according to the subject. The subject must be within a proper frame. The individual must think that every time the person can use the crop option. It must be kept in mind when a particular picture is cropped then the image quality of that snap gets reduced. So, while taking a snap the person must select a close focus on the subject. Especially when an individual is clicking a portrait image of the subject then, the focus must be made on the face of the person.

The lens of the Lumia 900 comes with an anti scratch feature but, one must be extra careful with the lens body. Lens cover is not given so while keep the phone inside your pockets especially in jeans pocket one has to take a bit extra care. It has been discovered that coins, candy wrappers, snotty handkerchief, etc cause damages on the lens. To avoid these problems, the individual must use a phone cover that helps to protect the lens from getting affected by the mentioned factors. Even a good cover also helps to save the phone from minor damages and scratches.

The perfect aperture setting option and the white balance option of Lumia 900 allows an individual to take perfect snaps of moving objects. Sometimes it is found that a person misses a particular moment due to setting adjustment problems. To avoid these problems, the company has given the Auto fix option in the camera setting. This feature allows the phone to adjust the setting according to the condition and helps to click a perfect snap of the moment. So, now you do not require change your camera settings every time you take a snap.

The experts said that an individual must not use the zoom option unnecessarily. This destroys the pixel quality of the picture. So when individual can come close to the subject, he or she must not use the zoom option. The more you come to the subject, the more good quality snaps are obtained.

Nokia Lumia 900 has been given inbuilt editing software that allows an individual to make a particular snap according to his or her own wish. You can now simply click a snap and instantly share it in any of the social networking sites.



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