Nokia Lumia 800 – Hardware and styling

Nokia Lumia 800 – Hardware and styling

Do u remember the model number N9 from Nokia? The Nokia Lumia 800 has been given a similar look like the Nokia N9 or in other words it can be said that Lumia 800 is the clone model of Nokia N9. But apparently having the same looks does not mean that both the phones will have same features. Nokia Lumia 800 is a much upgraded version than Nokia N9 and both the models have got different operating system. Even the features and hardware configurations differ a lot.

Nokia Lumia 800 has been made very sleek and handy by the company. In the box of the particular handset the company includes an earphone, handset charger, USB cable and the phone manual. This particular model has got windows phone 7 platform and is categorized among the high end phones from Nokia. This particular windows smart phone comes in different shades. It is seen that most of the popular android and other smart phones have got glossy finishes. But Nokia Lumia 800 is available in matte finished colors. Lumia 800 can be called a handsome model from Nokia. The company has given certain keys like lock on/off, volume keys and camera capture buttons on the right side of the model and no button has been included in the left side of the phone. On the bottom of the phone speaker has been installed.

On the top side of the phone, the 3.5mm slot has been given. Along with this slot, a system tray for the SIM and micro USB slot has been included. The micro USB slot is covered by a slit which can be opened according to the wish of the user. The cover slit helps to restrict dust and minor damages on the USB slot.

The particular phone lacks a front camera. So, one cannot use Skype from the particular phone. But an excellent camera has been installed in the rear side of the phone. The rear camera has got Carl Zeiss lens which comes with 8 mega pixels and auto focus features. Dual LED flash is also there which helps to take snaps in low light or in absolute dark conditions. Though Nokia Lumia 800 has got a similar looks like Nokia N9 but the latter is much lighter than the former. Nokia N9 weighed around 135 grams whereas Nokia Lumia 800 weighs about 142 grams. The thickness of the phone is about 12.1 mm. in the market HTC radar has got the same operating system that Nokia Lumia has been made of. But when a comparison is made between Nokia Lumia 800 and HTC radar it is seen that the latter is much lighter in weight than the former.

Nokia Lumia 800 is very successful model from the company. Moreover the users who have using the particular model have given good ratings about this model number. The particular model is quite good when compared with the other available windows smart phone in the market.


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