Nokia Lumia 900 Obsolescence Story

Nokia Lumia 900 Obsolescence Story

Many people are making comments about some Nokia phones that use Windows applications, especially the likes of Nokia Lumia 900, which cannot use the features of Windows Phone 8. While they fear that these phones will soon become obsolete, a Nokia representative has already affirmed that there is no cause for alarm.

The Nokia representative who was interviewed, Kevin Shields, the man in charge of program and product management, told news men from “The Verge” that a typical Nokia customer is not even concerned about upgradeability. He further disclosed that the company had no plans of depriving consumers the long life benefits they derive from using Lumia 900.

Without mincing words, Kevin Shields also gave the assurance that Lumia 900 and other Nokia products that use Windows 7 applications will get the Windows 7.8 update. This updated version will also come with the new start screen interface, which was recently introduced by Microsoft.

Expectedly, Microsoft’s decision to avoid bringing up Windows 8 mobile device has caused mixed reactions. While some people are in support of this, others say it is not a welcome idea.

The CNET executive editor, Roger Cheng, emphasized that even if the Lumia 900 phone is not upgraded to the Windows 8 version, it will still be considered as an item for something new.

On the contrary, Kevin Shields still disagrees. He has the notion that Lumia 900 phones are still worth investing on.


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