Lumia Game #53: Alien Racer

Lumia Game #53: Alien Racer

Racing game is a very popular gaming genre played by millions people all over the world. Many types of racing game are available for various types of gaming consoles. Avoiding the obstacles, outrunning the enemies, and attempting to be the first who reaches the finish line are certainly not easy tasks. Only those who have skill can be the best. Playing racing game can also challenge adrenaline, so that it can bring so much fun.

Alien Racer, the new Windows Phone spaceship racing game, is a racing game that you can try. On Alien Racer, you are not racing with a motorbike or a car, but with a spaceship! Your task is simple here; racing your alien spaceship as fast as possible to save your alien friends. To make it a little bit complicated, there are many asteroids that you should avoid while racing the ship.

This fun game is developed by Kidsandi Software (Kids and I, actually), a gaming and application developers with two decades of experience in the business. Kidsandi Software is dedicated to create family-friendly applications that can make your life easier and, of course, more fun. We welcome any suggestions and ideas for customers to improve our products in the future.

App price: free


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