Nokia TV Video Review

Nokia TV Video Review

Now, from the user or from everybody’s point of view (I say this because it doesn’t matter what are your opinions about the Nokia, or the Windows Phone), the Nokia brand is increasing from day to day, hour to hour the number of the services and applications, which work in 99% of cases, so they don’t quit in the battle of technologies and I will show you why. The currently Nokia phones that are integrated with Windows Phone (we are referring mostly to the Lumia generation), have a quite impressive number of applications and services, such as: games, antivirus system, radio, play to, reading, maps, drive on, studio and creative studios and now, if you are paying attention to the Nokia Entertainment line, there you will find Mix Radio/Nokia Music, Nokia Reading and Nokia TV.

As the title says it all, we are talking about the Nokia’s Entertainment services, the Nokia TV, which is a brand new service, available only from people in Finland. We all know that sometimes, we don’t have time to watch our favorite shows, movies and so on, because of the schedule, so this shows as a brilliant idea developed by the Nokia brand to view the content from some of the thousands of providers right on your phone, for free.


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