Hard Time for Nokia Company

Hard Time for Nokia Company

We all know that Microsoft made a bad move and abandoned the Windows Phone 7.5 platform, so that it collapsed in its partnership with Nokia and in the eyes of its fans / users, as the Nokia brand got to the lowest point in all its 16 years. Statics say that the brand is trading at the lowest price on the market (it means a price of 1.79 euros, which is the lowest since August ’96), because they fear that their partner is going to take down all the future sales of the current Nokia range.

So, from now on, the brand will sell fewer phone of its range that are integrated with Windows Phone, as the customers are waiting for the launch of the Windows Phone 8 platform, which will inspire confidence in buying something that will last longer as software and will respond much better to the commands. This is the opinion of some New York analysts, from the Barclays Capital, which are also saying that “somehow, these are already legacy products”.

While the partnership between the two brands are busy with the launching of the new Windows Phone, services and lots of other applications compatible for this platform, they will lose a lot of money as they recommend buyers to wait for the launching of their new Windows Phone 8, or even to buy alternates such as the new Galaxy S III or the new 4S.


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