Lumia App #53: Handwrite Notes

Lumia App #53: Handwrite Notes

The newest version for Handwrite Notes was released today and is available for free. It is a very useful application, if you need to take down right away some handwritten notes, so that the notes are counted, in case you want to start a Live Tile. This update allows you to change the height, the width, you can even choose a color theme for the text or for each word a part and last but not least, it allows you to right from right to left, as you usually and normally wrote from left to right. Also, the application comes with a built in tutorial, which is very helpful and explains all the functions of the application, such as gestures for deletion or the words indentation.

If you are at school and want to write something so that you won’t forget it until you reach home or if you are going to shopping alone or with your family or even if you need some quick notes, this is the perfect application for you. Since this is the updated version, you can now share or pin your notes, so that you can have them all at your sight. The Handwrite Notes application is exclusively made only for Windows Phone.

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