New Nokia Apps + Top Zynga Games are Coming to Lumia Phones

New Nokia Apps +  Top Zynga Games are Coming to Lumia Phones

An excellent innovative collection of Nokia applications which will include new features and enhancements are arriving at your Lumia smart phone in the following few weeks.

Additionally, a fantastic new collaboration with Zynga is declared which will create hit games such as Words With Friends and Draw Something intended for Lumia smart phone users for a couple of months.

The brand new Nokia applications will be available beginning in the next few days in a phased technique, therefore you may require to be a little calm. Nevertheless , we are certain that they are really worth waiting for!

Each and every brings new excellent features and improve your Lumia smart phone working experience therefore let us move through every application in more depth.

Digital Camera Extras
This new digital camera application improves your smartphone’s digital camera significantly. This provides new configurations that will enable you to take snap shots which you may have hardly ever been able to take previously.

Intelligent Group Photo: Take fantastic group photos in only one try utilizing the most effective faces from the burst
Motion Photo: Take fast-moving motion pictures using just one single click and considerably enhanced shooting-speed
Spectacle: This new manage function makes it simple for capturing lovely spectacle pictures through locating the picture in the series
Self-timer: Create your Lumia on a position and acquire yourself into more pictures

This will be obtainable in Marketplace for the US as well as China by June 22nd. It will likely be obtainable for all the other nations in July.

Sharing Contacts :
Fed up with creating out cell phone numbers and contact information to provide it to a a buddy?This new application is a fast and simple method of sharing your connections through TEXT MESSAGE or e-mail.

Counters is an revolutionary technique of tracking your Lumia utilization as well as preparing limitations. This is especially helpful if you have call-time or data allowances from your operator and to make certain you don’t suffer additional expenses.

Contact Share and Counters will be obtainable in Marketplace for China by June 22nd. It will be obtainable for all other nations by July.

Play To
Most of us have a number of gadgets, like a TVs or Blu-Ray players, linked to a network. PlayTo will let you share photos, video clips and audio through your Lumia smart phone to other DLNA -enabled gadgets on your network.

PlayTo is going to be in Marketplace internationally by June 22nd.

Zynga Games
It’s not only new operation and characteristics to take a look toward. There’s enjoyment, too.

Through the autumn, you’ll be able to download Zynga’s world-beating games, Words With Friends and Draw Something, for your Lumia.

For a few months following release, these two games will be available in the Nokia Selection prior to publishing normally on Windows Phone Marketplace.

We will be having a deeper looking at both Zynga games in the approaching weeks.

Software up-date regarding Lumia 800 and 710
Just like new applications and new games titles weren’t sufficient, a brand new software program up-date for your Nokia Lumia 800 and the Nokia Lumia 710 is also released worldwide by June 27th in a phased up-date via Zune. This up-date would be necessary to take full advantage of most of the new applications previously mentioned.

This newest version of the Lumia software program provides three long-awaited encounters to your Lumia 710 or 800: the development of Web sharing, Flip-to-Silence and media buffering from your smartphone.

Additional up-dates arriving
In other places, you might have find out about the new Windows Phone 8. So how exactly does this influence your Lumia? Well, you’re not getting ignored. Almost all Lumia smartphones will probably be having an update to provide you with a few of the popular features of Windows Phone 8, such as the new Start screen, in addition to a pattern of continuing up-dates going forward.



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