How To: Connect your Nokia Lumia to Apple Mac

How To: Connect your Nokia Lumia to Apple Mac

The Lumia 710, 800 and 900 are all running on Windows Phone platform, so that it doesn’t matter if you are using a Windows computer or a Mac, because of the telephone’s software. Now, what is the name of the tool that you should use to connect your Windows Phone 7 to your Mac and master the music, contacts and all kind of stuff? It is called the Windows Phone 7 Connector and it is as simple as it sounds. Now, let’s see what does this tool involves, how it is functioning and how useful it is.

Keep your phone up to date
Keeping your phone up to date is very important for your phone’s life and you can do it right away with your Windows Phone 7 Connector tool, so that there will be no problem to update your phone from your Mac, as you don’t have on your hand a Windows computer. It really doesn’t matter, because that is why Lumia was made for. Now, if you want to install the tool, go to the Application Store from your Mac and install it (you need a Mac that is running the latest OS X, just to make sure that your Windows Phone 7 Connector is running and doesn’t get stuck with some errors). After this step, you must connect the Lumia phone to the Mac, with the USB cable. If needed, you can also check for updates, by clicking the “Check for Updates from Device Options” and that is all.

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