Microsoft Surface Phone Concept

Microsoft Surface Phone Concept

Now, this might sound a little bit crazy, but I read an article about a fan’s render and after I took a look on the pictures, I figured: why shouldn’t I share this with you? This was created by a member from DevianArt. His name is yronimus and this is how he imagines the Microsoft Surface Windows Phone would look, if he would made it by himself.

After the company’s announcement of their own Microsoft-branded surface tablet the other day, rumors have been spreading all over the internets about the Redmond company creating their own phones are well. Microsoft shot down those rumors today, but not before this concept was created.

If the big brands would have such imagination, so that they could invent such phones like the one above, God knows where the technology of the Windows Phone would reach at. Let’s think at the Google’s Nexus which is an Android phone and how amazing shape and features brought this phone to its users. Now, how a change like in the case of Nexus would look and feel like in the case of a Windows Phone? It would really bring a lot of sales to the Windows Phone section (much more sales for Nokia than until now with its Lumia), but if we face the reality, nothing was changed from brand to brand, from manufacturer to manufacturer, so that I think that all this story will remain like a phone dream. I think that the best brand is Nokia with the Lumia generation, but how would a Microsoft Windows Phone look like?



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