10 Reasons why Lumia Phones are Great Social Smartphones

10 Reasons why Lumia Phones are Great Social Smartphones

1. Account management
With the Windows Phone, the life is easier. All yo have to do is to go to “Settings” and then “email + accounts” and then you can login to the both email and social networks accounts.
2. People Hub
You can call it the best experience you had with Lumia, as is has got an address book that acts like a social, high quality networking.
3. Groups
Another great feature are the Groups, which will make you life easier, because you can keep i touch with a group of friends, as you grouped them in your phone (family for example).
4. Live Tiles
Now, you can do whatever you want, like having a Live Tile for someone who is special in your life if you don’t want a group.
5. Email inboxes
Nowadays, many of the users keep in touch with technology, so that they have lots of addresses, but don’t worry, as the phone will save all the used email addresses on that phone, even it is for mail or newsletters.
6. Me
This will let you know about the latest updates and notifications from Tweeter, Facebook and others, so that everywhere you go, you will know what are the others thinking or tweeting about you.
7. IM Apps
You can now chat with your friends from both Messenger and Facebook, to keep in touch with them for new news.
8. Social Games
Well, you can beat, push, cast or even throw away your friends now with the new Windows Phone games available for Lumia. You though that I was talking for real, don’t you?
9. Maps
Now, you get the latest updates for your maps daily, just to know where are you heading today, tonight and day by day, so next time, don’t forget to update your maps, so that you won’t have any excuses that you will miss a party for not knowing where you should be heading.
10. Photos and Camera Extras
Try now the best experience ever right away with the Lumia, now with the introduction of some extras even for the camera to make it as clear as possible.



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