Business Features In The Windows Phone 8

Business Features In The Windows Phone 8

The Windows Phone 8 available features were listed today by the Windows ITPro, Paul Thurrott, which says that all these will make it a real business phone.

Device encryption. Now, you will find Bitlocker encryption integrated with Secure boot, Micro SD and internal storage, just to keep your phone away from any malware before it starts or boots. This feature has been used for Windows Phone 7, just to prevent the attacks and to provide the phone with basic security.

Micro-SD expansion. Now, Windows Phone 8 will act like a normal Windows version (like the one on the computer), as it can support NTFS file format for Micro SD cards, which can also be connected via PC to transfer all the information. You can install applications directly to the SD card, instead of using the available space of the internal storage, so it will act exactly as a PC.

Device management. Moreover, the new Windows Phone 8 will provide EAS compatibility and it will also be compatible (as the Windows RT) with a new management scheme, available right away with the help of Active Directory (AD) and Group Policy (GP)functionally.

Side-loading of apps. Another feature is the Side-loading of applications, which if we combine it with Native Code, will make a more secure and trustful Windows Phone for business, moreover, if you need to write or post something, for your own security, it will take it as a interpreted language, whose high level won’t let the others to steal the information available at any time.

Office 2013 Mobile. Windows Phone 8 will be integrated with the newest Office: Office 2013 Mobile applications, which, among other applications and features such as Skype, they will make the users of the Windows Phone 8 very trustful, while they are using it.



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