Ford makes an agreement with Nokia for research in the driving

Ford makes an agreement with Nokia for research in the driving

As the new ford was launched, the manufacturer made an agreement with Nokia brand, as it will use the Nokia Location Platform as a feature to improve the driving and the efficiency of the connection between the cars. So, with its new Ford EVOS, Ford has launched the Nokia’s NAVTEQ Map, among other services, optional gadgets and so on. So, this will take to a better learning for the driver of the car about its behavior on the road, the improvements brought and the performance brought to the car. With all these, Ford EVOS concept car will give a start in the technology and research era, for the future Ford versions.

Today, at a press conference, the Vice President Map Platform in Nokia’s Location & Commerce, Christof Hellmis, told something about their collaboration:“We are committed to providing compelling customized services to the automotive sector and customers like Ford. We have consistently focused on innovation around location and navigation in the car. This commitment enabled us to provide a global platform service which could truly enhance the customer and user experience. It’s exciting to see the Nokia Location Platform as an integral part of Ford’s mission to revolutionize the connected car.” All these words mean that in the near future, Nokia will collaborate with more and more automotive brands, for a much greater step into the technology era, an era that already begun.


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  1. Robert says:

    Only a moron would miss the fact that next generation cars will integrate tightly with the smart phones.

    Why pay for maps when they can be downloaded directly to the car?

    I could go on and on as to why this is a marriage made in heaven, but I will let you figure out what’s coming…

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