Wortell chooses Nokia Lumia 800 for ‘customer management and backend integration’

Wortell chooses Nokia Lumia 800 for ‘customer management and backend integration’

After a press conference, we found out that Wortell has chosen a smartphone from Nokia (we are talking about the Lumia 800), for its management use. Wortell is a Dutch technology solutions provider, who has announced today on a press release that will use the services available from Nokia brand.

The announce says that the Wortell company is buying Lumia 800 phones with Windows Phone 7.5, because they wanted to update their technology status and to ensure the integration of all the companies members to the company infrastructure. Also, the employees used a lot of different ways to save their pieces of information, so that it was kind of difficult for other to access all those files, as they weren’t able to get used to the technology. From now on, with the Nokia Lumia 800, they will have a much easier life, because the phone is very simple to use, to store different kind of documents, which will be finally accessed by anyone who works there. Also, a similar situation was met at the Buildcorp, but the difference was that they didn’t decide if they should choose phones from BlackBerry or from Nokia (with its Lumia generation).

So, the Wortell company is providing to his employers 120 pieces of Nokia Lumia 800, until the beginning of December this year, as a major percentage of 95% of them, are happy to use it, as it is quite simple and gives the possibility of connecting the device to various systems and to integrate it with Microsoft.



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