Nokia Maps 3.0 application user manual

Nokia Maps 3.0 application user manual

The new Nokia Maps 3.0 application user manual is leaked, as it is a suitable tool for the GPS Navigation application, which is also expected to be launched on the Marketplace as soon as possible, for the Windows Phone (at this time). So go and update your Nokia Maps, with the new Nokia Maps 3.0 available since today.

Features include:
• Find your way with turn-by-turn directions and voice guidance,
• Track your location, speed, and the distance driven, even if not navigating,
• Preload maps before traveling and use Nokia Drive offline to save data costs,
• Save your most-used destinations to your phone,
• Get a warning when you exceed the speed limit,
• Get real-time info on traffic incidents and conditions on your daily routes using My Commute.

Also, Nokia says that with this new Maps 3.0 update, they are going to make the GPS Navigation useful for any type of usage, not just for going to unknown places, or setting a route to one or more destinations. They will make the GPS act like a map, so that you won’t get lost, searching or discover places that you never knew of their positioning (for example, you can give travel advice, while you are driving across the city or any other knows place). In fact, it won’t provide only positioning data, it will also let the driver know about the weather and traffic conditions, driving speeds, popular routes and so on. Also, the Windows Phone 8 is allowing the Global Positioning System to run with an increased exponent, making it useful and ease the drivers life.



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