Windows Phone 8 allows you to install the apps even on the Micro SD card

Windows Phone 8 allows you to install the apps even on the Micro SD card

Microsoft revealed that the Windows Phone 8 will support the Micro SD cards, for hosting photos, music, video, movies and for installing games and applications. It also allows you to format the card in NTFS type and will also be compatible with other systems, so that it would be readable by others on their systems. A few days ago, the installing of the applications 100% was possible on the Micro SD card, but now, after the CNET reportage, Microsoft says that the applications shouldn’t be installed onto the memory card, because it puts the booting system in a difficult situation, so that it would be much better if the users install their applications from their memory card, directly to their phones.

So, this means that the users should keep an eye on the space available of any Windows Phone 8 that they are buying, because the applications from our days can easily pass 1GB, when yo are installing it. Also, another risky situation is if you remove the card, after you have installed the application or applications on it, so that the phone presents a high risk of making corrupted files. You don’t need to install applications on the memory card, if the internal memory of your phone allows you to install the applications, because you can use the card as a stick: you just put the files that you need in there and just remove it when it is necessary. Now, in my opinion, Windows Phone 8 is a great success and the Micro SD should be used, no more than for keeping personal information.



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