Nokia Lumia Tango update with the “flip-to-silence” alternative

Nokia Lumia Tango update with the “flip-to-silence” alternative

As the title says it all, the Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 users are all waiting the latest Windows Phone update, called Tango, which includes both Internet Sharing and flip-to-silence features in this update, which are already available for Nokia Lumia 900, because of its advanced technology. Also, there is another way to silence your phone calls without this update, if the user just can’t stand and wait for this update to be launched. Here is the tip: you can click on any of the volume buttons, to silence your phone calls. Pretty easy, right? But if you are crazy enough about the tricks of your phone, about updating your phone to the latest version, features and application, I think that it might worth its waiting.

You can watch videos on Youtube to see how this Tango or flip-to-silence update works, so that it might be possible that you could really like it or not (if you aren’t a fan of those flip-flop things). Also, you can find more about the software directly on the brands website. Other features, like I’ve said it before in another post, include the Internet sharing, flip to silence and other new applications which are available for download right away beginning with today to your Nokia Lumia 800 or 710, These can be found in the Marketplace, among others like Camera Extras, Counters, Contact share and so on. So, go check them out, they might be very interesting.



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