Review: Official Nokia’s Rubber Case for Nokia Lumia 800

I read today in a post, that the guys from Amzer, India, sent one of their cases (I am talking about the new Soft Gel TPU Gloss Skin), which is only compatible with the Nokia Lumia 800, to an user of such phone. The user was completely satisfied by the case, as the phone entered perfectly into the case, which acts and feels much better than the Nokia’s case made of rubber, that is provided to every user while buying this phone. It was modeled and handled with wise precision, because all the cut-outs unveil the hardware keys and vital buttons such as the Volume and camera keys and the most important thing is that the camera and flash sensors aren’t covered a bit, so that the case won’t affect the quality of the pictures when making a photo or video.

Official Nokia’s Rubber Case
At the first sight, the user said that the case seemed too big and has a shiny aspect, but he got used to it and saw that the case mirrors the body of the Lumia 800, compared with the rubber case that he got when he bought the phone. Although the Lumia 800 looks amazing without any case, it has to be “dressed in one”, because of the body’s composition (polycarbonate), that is very soft and if you drop it, the case can get flattened. But if you are dropping you phone often, then I suggest you to protect your phone with a cases, instead of damaging it.



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