Nokia Lumia 900 will appear in the new Smoked by Windows Phone videos

Nokia Lumia 900 will appear in the new Smoked by Windows Phone videos

In this summer, a new set of videos will be launched by the Smoked by Windows Phone, which will show the comparison between the Windows Phone and its competitors. An employer from Microsoft, Ben Rudolph, who is a faithful man working with all kind of computers, appears in the next video of the Smoked by Windows Phone and prizes the Nokia Lumia 900 as a winner among all other competitors with or without Windows Phone. Before and after Ben, those from Smoked by Windows Phone have challenged thousands of people all over the globe (if interested, they challenged more than 150.000 from their existence) and won in mostly all of those challenges, in about 98% of all.

The video demonstrates that Ramona wants to find a local restaurant and within the next moments, Ben searched on his Nokia Lumia 900 and has found a great place to eat. Also, he send the coordinates and the details of the specific restaurant via SMS to her. Usually, we as people don’t do that (we don’t search were we want to eat on the phone), but if this was a contest to show how useful the new Nokia Lumia 900 it is, that should be done. The next step, was a challenge from Peter, who told him to update his Facebook status as fast as possible. Want to know who wins? I guess that we all know the answer. If not, check the next video.



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