Lumia Game #55: Skulls of the Shogun

Lumia Game #55: Skulls of the Shogun

After a long time, the Skulls of Shogun game was finally released. The developers of this very known game said that the game will present an asynchronous play among with the cross-platform. Also, the game will be available in multiplayer mode, as it will allow the game to be played between two players wireless or with 3G connection. What does asynchronous play means? It means that if you start the game on your phone for example, you can continue it on the Xbox 360, on the tablet, so that you won’t stop playing it until it will finish (but as it has the multiplayer mode, I don’t personally think that the game will ever finish). Also, the multiplayer allows not two, but four players to connect to the game at a time. The cross-platform play means that if you play in the single campaign, you can continue the game on another platform.

The game will be available on a lot of platforms, such as both Xbox LIVE and 360, Windows Phone, 8 PC and 8 for tablets and phones. Also, we must say that the game has full support for multi-touch, gamepads, keyboard and or mouse. The game includes an amount of 15 to 20 hour to play on the single player campaign, with 20 in-depth levels and 30 maps for the multiplayer mode with dedicated maps for each player. The Shadows of Shogun’s game will be released soon, with the launching of the new Windows 8.

Full review at theverge.


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