Nokia Lumia 900 versus a world filled with dangers

Nokia Lumia 900 versus a world filled with dangers

Earlier this day, I’ve read a funny article, posted by some bloggers with a strange but ingenious idea: how can a Nokia Lumia 900 can save your life out in the wilderness? To find out the answer, they talked with lots of survival experts, color psychologists and also they present their idea to the Hollywood movie makers to see if this 4.3 inch smartphone can save your life. So, here you have some of the many possible scenarios, posted by those bloggers, that, although sounds silly, they can keep you alive from this world filled with dangers.

Going commando
Did you ate something that you shouldn’t or it was forbidden to you in the wilderness? This scenario could be very serious, more serious than a week on a toilet, after drinking milk and eating cold watermelon. Leaving this joke aside, The US Army’s is providing a full guide of surviving out there in the wilderness right on the phone, so you can access it from your Nokia Lumia 900.

Of course I remembered, darling
Did you ever forgot someones birthday or anniversary? Did this ever happened to you? Then, this is how you can solve this scenario. You can put your Nokia Lumia 900’s Windows Phone calendar and One Note to-do tools on your mains screen, so that it won’t happen again. You will thank for it one day, as it will escape you from all these problems.



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