How To: Use the Camera Extras Tool for Lumia

How To: Use the Camera Extras Tool for Lumia

The Camera Extras application contains four new modes of making photos, that will provide a better quality of your Nokia Lumia camera and also will broaden the photo-taking horizons.

Getting Camera Extras
This application will be available for the users all over the globe only from the end of July in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Also, you must know that if you are the user of a Nokia Lumia 800 or Lumia 710, then you must take your phone up to date, just to benefit from the maximum clarity and quality of this tool.

Smart Group Shot
Smart Group Shot is the first option of the Camera Extras tool, that will eliminate the need of re-takes. It can be used when you have to make a picture of your friends and when all are smiling, at the instant one person has to close its eyes, or look in another direction.

Action Shot
When you are making a fantastic photo that combines both movement and pace (like in the case of a train, car, or even an athlete), is a very good illustration of the potential power of the Nokia Lumia’s camera. With the Action Shot mode, you can bring lots of improvements to the photograph.

If you are in a group of friends and you want to make a picture with you in the picture, you can’t succeed that. The Self-Timer option is a very easy and efficient way that makes this possible, putting you among others in the picture.

Panorama provides great quality photographs of you and the environment. Sometimes, it is frustrating when you take a picture and the photo has a great quality, but it is unable to reproduce the landscapes as we see them. This is when this option is making its appearance.


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